Our Goal

To provide “OUTSTANDING VALUE”…..”MUST HAVE INFORMATION AND SUPPORT”…..for all new business setups and the expansion of existing ones.

So you have decided to take the next step towards owning your own business

Perhaps you are already set up and are looking to improve/ grow your current business model

This is a very exciting time and one where you will need to surround yourself with the best available experience and advice to maximise your potential, survive the initial years, prospering and growing on the back of some sound business acumen and procedures in place

At Astus Solutions we have leveraged from our years of experience in Start-ups, and close association with others of similar experience in building businesses and teams within these, to provide you with a plan for set up and survival within your chosen industry

We can assist you to:

  • Put some sound experience into your thought process for best outcomes
  • Add some experienced contacts for mentoring and advisory input – as required (Resource Hub)
  • Provide learning videos and links for your viewing and reference
  • Survive and grow in your chosen industry
  • Expand your business
    • hiring newbies
    • applying for business loan
    • putting together a business plan
    • sources of advice for growth (Resource Hub)
  • Stay compliant with all Regulatory bodies and maximise your profitability
  • Enjoy the journey

My Business Setup

A comprehensive package designed to guide you through the steps for getting your entity set up or to expand your current operation.

  • Beginning with the basics, you’ll learn how to establish the best entity to suit your business plan – now and into the future
  • Put systems in place to maintain your ongoing Legal, Corporate and Financial compliance
  • Access to ongoing Legal, Contractual, Accounting, Finance, Record-keeping and Marketing expertise as you grow (Resource Hub)
  • Create a web presence, business email, social media presence, draft a business plan for your business.
  • Engage new staff (Full-time, Casual or Contract)

We have put together a selection of set up and ongoing choices to suit most self-employed, owner-operator entities for maximum value to you – the business owner


This industry specific package provides you with a detailed guide, covering all the essentials and more, to ensure you tick all the boxes when launching or operating your business.

From risk management right through to getting paid, this course is an invaluable tool for any start-up/ growing Contractor business in the Telco/NBN Construction space.

Our Courses

My Business Setup

A comprehensive package designed to guide you through the

My NBN | Employee

  This industry specific package provides you with a

My NBN | Contractor

  This industry specific package provides you with a



Internet Of Things (IoT)

Manufacturing and Automation

Smart Cities Technologies

Precision Agriculture, Farming Management using UAV Drone Technology

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP)

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP)

Engage the best talent – train and mentor them to peak performance

A “Star Team” will beat a “Team of Stars” every time