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This industry specific package provides you with a detailed guide, covering all the essentials and more, to ensure you tick all the boxes when working as an employee in the Telco/Comms Construction Industries.

You will hear stories and see reports of NBN Contractors avoiding the “hard jobs” and working for “low hourly rates”.
This is mainly due to the lack of Commercial experience within the Contracting teams to manage their work scope efficiently.
A variation from your original work order, if Project Managed correctly, can be an excellent source of additional revenue – turning an average job into a more profitable one and achieving the desired outcome.

We will guide you from risk assessment through to completing each work order on time and to the quality outcomes sought by all parties.

You will need to successfully answer 3 quiz questions (based on lesson or topic content) at the end of each lesson or topic to move forward (if you get one or more wrong the questions will refresh for you to try again)

This course is an invaluable tool for any employee in the Telco/NBN Construction space to build on their “Commercial savvy”