My Business Setup

6 Modules | 365 Days to Complete
My Business Setup
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A comprehensive package designed to guide you through the steps for getting your entity set up or growing your existing business.
Beginning with the basics, you’ll learn how to establish the best entity to suit your business model – now and into the future
Put systems in place to maintain your ongoing Legal, Corporate and Financial compliance
Access to ongoing Legal, Contractual, Accounting, Finance, Record-keeping and Marketing expertise as you grow (Resource Hub)
Create a web presence, business email, social media presence, draft a business plan for your business.
We have put together a selection of information to suit most self-employed, owner-operator entities for maximum value to you – the business owner

  • Entity selection
  • Domain selection inline with entity name and set up hosting
  • Set up business emails and hosting
  • Set up Social Media presence and link to your website etc.
  • Draft Business plan to suit your business requirements
  • Identify Legal and Financial advisors – moving forward (Resource Hub)
  • Set up business banking account
  • Legal, Financial and Risk Management
    • Insurances
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Templates
    • Statutory Registrations and Requirements
    • Business Plan
    • Record-keeping systems and Getting paid
  • Learn how to interact with other business personnel to maximise your potential

You will need to successfully answer 3 quiz questions (based on lesson or topic content) at the end of each lesson or topic to move forward (if you get one or more wrong the questions will refresh for you to try again)

This course content and the expertise Contact List (Resource Hub) will become your favourite reference tool as you grow your business